Friday, June 21, 2019

The Real Patriots


                                                                         The Real Patriots

It was their day of Independence – so the Prime words – Celebration and Jubilation They ran around with their flags, crackers were bursting everywhere. The atmosphere was full of joy and euphoria.The streets were full of shops, selling of wares , flags and all kind of accessories. Snacks and sweet were cold at every corner to feed hungry smacking lips.

  The flag was hoisted, and the people stood up for the national anthem, in every street and corner, in every school and stadium. People pledged their belief for the country. Standing up for the national anthem in every street and corner, in every school and stadium. People pledged their belief for the country. Standing up for the national anthem, they pledged their love and service for the country. The whole day films were played portraying the local national heroes and freedom fighters. They saw the suffering and the troubles that were taken by the leaders and people to free the country. There was a feeling of pride and also sadness as the people felt for their leaders.

     The afternoon slipped in, and there were programmes going on, with the propaganda of nationalism. Loudspeakers throughout blared noises of national songs and then there were film songs. The festivities continued till the evening, making it a very memorable day for the people.

    These people, while celebrating and shouting slogans, actually littered the place. There were pape cups and plates, littered everywhere. What’s suprising, the same flags the people were waving, was now seen fallen on a ground.

  There were places that had become completely dirty with wasted food, and by the next day, after the celebrations the whole city looked like a wastehouse. It is expected that the sweepers will do the job. However the patriotic people who stood up to respect the country. They sang about the country and made merry, but then littered the floors of their country. So wher did the respect go? Its got to be shown not only in thoughts but in acts, which is ot the case here.So is patriotism basically events of history that we just remember and then carry on with normal life. This patriotism has got to be put into effect. The country is to be maintained and we are responsible for it.
   So, are there any real patriots left today? Yes, there are the small organizations and indiviuals who lend a hand in cleaning the cities. Cleaning the dump that the majority of the public have left behind.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bollywood is Dead

                                                           Bollywood is Dead

Yes!!! That’s right. Bollywood is Dead. The Industry that has gone on for more than a century is finally losing its power. Despite all the money, all the glamour, and all the big talks of distribution and franchise and worldwide domination of markets, the industry has run its course.

   It is losing its hold on the people. People are now getting led away by internet series and reality shows on television. The reality of the movie industry is that it has lost its charm. Going to see movies these days, is like spending a ton from your pocket and not getting the value of it. The people go for the mall experience more than the movie. Even the food is three times the normal cost, though and the movies are bland. There seems to be an atmosphere of emptiness which is going to bring about the end of this industry.

 Gone are the days when Bollywood was an industry that had stars. When I grew up watching the industry of Bollywood . Amitabh, Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Jackie and Anil Kapoor just to name a few. Every event that we saw in those days that associated with Bollywood was a glittering necklace of diamonds because there were stars who showed up , and they had their glory. Though I never watched Bollywood too much, I saw what was a hero or heroine, a Star. You could see a Sanjay Dutt walking and your head would turn up, or Sunny Deol for that matter who left an impression on you.
Then there was Nasserrudin Shah whose baritone voice would just make you stand up . Om Puri and Smita Patil were great actors and had wonderful screen presence. Paresh Rawal, through his delivery of obscene and wonderful dialogue deliver made my day all the time. The mischievous Amol Palekar, and the Philosophical Girish Karnad who brought their personality into the character which was so unique, like the melancholy Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar who portrayed tragedy so well. The evergreen Dev Anand , who through his unique style and gesture, crated an amazing personality of a star. Johnny Lever never required fake laughing audiences to express comedy. Raaj Kumar maintained a firm grip with his style of narration and dialogue delivery.

The three Khans _ Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir Khan are the last dinosaurs who walk on the spotlights of Bollywood. The magic will leave with them, as the current generation does not show much promise. The torch was handed over to Ranbir and he did some good cinema. Ranveer also is making some ripples.But for most films today, there is no script as usual – the script is the backbone of the film, and the script is made while the movie is being made. Will you study the recipe while you are cooking?

Recently Ranveer said that he was a star on an award show. Does an actor need to say he’s a star. People need to accept you as a star, and that’s when you are a star. Not by rigged statistics and whimsical tactics, but by the presence you create in front of your audience. Today we have everything- the acting classes, the gyms, the public relations and the money – but we do not have one thing – the Star.

There is no star in Bollywood , not a single one just a big black sky with no moon in it. Today, the stars look like the man next door, an ordinary citizen. He puffs himself up like a baboon and flexes and bulges his muscles, and you feel like you have come to a zoo. Whenever all the requirements for the film industry are fulfilled, only then acting is considered. Bollywood, once the industry of dreams is now digging the graves of all its stars. The Industry makes, but so does a general store or a corporate. Where is the lightning that cracks before the thunder?

 The actors should move to the libraries where they need to go ahead and discover thee personalities and try to add them in their acts. The brain is also a muscle that needs to be developed to portray emotions. Right now, it’s a dead scene where twenty years down the line, I’ll still remember Amitabh and Jackie shroff because there will be no one to remember from today. Bollywood had better step up , or there will be nobodys acheivements to remember down the line. I hated that Friedrich Nietzche said “ God is Dead” but I definitely will say “ Bollywood is Dead”.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

One Summer Eve

                                                                   One Summer Eve

      Armand sat in the market , on the sidewalk watching as people passed by. People passed by , and looked at the sign , and then looked at him. HE didn’t seem much, but his sign board which was held high said  “ World’s best Fighter”.

He lived in a small village of Colombia, and  was born on the roads, an orphan who was brought and nursed by a grandmother ,who passed away when he was seven. His name was Armand, and he had never known his parents. The mother died at child birth, and his father was never known about. The grandmother , before she died, gave him a scapular which was the only protection she could give him, which he wore all the time.

     After the death of his grandmother, he took to collecting trash and begging as he had to sustain himself. He lived like that for two years, as he had nothing to do in his life. It was just go, ask for bread and collect trash and get paid for it. He used to see the people around him, in their clean clothes and with all the fancy things they had, and he had to work so hard for scraps. Every day, there was a void that grew in him creating a kind of discomfort within him, which was beginning to crack like a kind of hot lava. At times he did not know what to do, it was as if the internal void was driving him mad and making him crazy.

   One day, while he sat on the pavement after a long days hard work, he was confronted by two bullies, who came to attack him. As they shoved him around, he felt weak and took the beating. And they dropped him on the floor and began to kick and punch him, and as he lay there taking the beating, the lava in him exploded and he got up and thrashed the boys badly, to such an extent that their bones broke. The boys somehow picked themselves and ran away, and at that time Armand knew that felt that his rage had left him and he felt peace within himself. He knew that he was blessed with a superb strength that coarsed through his veins.

    From that day, he started to make bets – and challenge people, to fight with him and win. He always won, and when he won the rage too left him. It was a way in which he chanelled the rage that was within him , and combined it with his strength, and also made money out of it.

He cracked ribs, broke legs and while doing so had a whale of a time. Before long, the whole village was defeated by him. No one could stand up to him , so he went to other villages fighting and bashing people by the dozens. He started gaining the respect and admiration of the people in the local villages and by the time he had reached his young years, he had made a name for himself in the country as a fighter. He learnt the arts as the years progressed to get better and tougher, and  as he grew the rage inside him grew, as he walked through a whole army of fighters destroying them on the path.

   As he kept on throwing on his challenges, he placed the board “ Worlds best Fighter”  wherever he went. So, one Summer Eve, as he sat on his stool waiting for a challenge, from the distance walked a man. This man stood before him, he had a cap on his head , and was a hefty muscular specimen. He said he was ready to fight Armand, and the wager was made. As they both got ready for the fight, Armand sensed something , the same rage came from the man that was in his own body, and he knew that this was not going to be an easy fight. And he was right , for as the fight started he got a punch on his face, and he felt like a giant hammer had struck him , showing him a few stars in the day. He fought back with the man, and a heavy fight ensued as the fight went all over town , and continued through the city, starting from the morning and going on through the afternoon. With punches and kicks , and a hard pain and suffering in the fight. Night was coming in, but so did the cops. And as the police headlights came on, this man disappear into the darkness.

Arman was arrested, but that was natural in his business. He always made trips to the local jail, however this time it was different. He was in fear of losing, something he had never felt before. He had always won, and no one made him sweat so much. He felt fear for the first time in this life, someone was out there who was better that him, who could defeat him for his position? His confidence had now turned into anxiety , and frustration. The next day, when he was left from jail , he asked around for the man, but there was no one who could tell him where he was. He searched for this person for a couple of days, but this man could not be found. After some time of search, as he he heard nothing of  the man, he left for the city  as he wanted a better life.

     In the city, the road of fortune was well paved for him. He continued his winning spree, killing off all his competition like putting butter on bread. Life was too easy for him after that. He got money and acclaim winning one championship after the other, adding many trophies in his home. He lived well respected and acclaimed , and married and had three beautiful children.

But the rage in him still needed to be fed, and as he had attained the position of the “Best Fighter in the World” he knew he had nothing much to prove which made the rage in his body hungry. Bcause his opponents had become like pawns, and defeating them was like ticking a fly, or squishing a worm. He has seen the death of his opponents, and their suffering. Armand felt that he could not do anything to suppress the rage, and decided to stay away from his family as his madness could be bad for his family. So he bade his family goodbye and said he would be back in a few days.

  As he stayed separately, he missed his family and longed to be with them, but he knew he had to be away. During that time, he met the landlord of the village he was from. They began to talk of the “ old times” when Armand was young, and the landlord mentioned his fight that took place between him and the “Unknown Man” and it has always remained a subject of discussion as to who won the fight.

Armand asked the landlord if he knew where this unknown man lived. The landlord said they had seen go the Monserrate hills which were near the village.  So Armand decided to go to the Monserrate hills where he felt he could let out the rage that was bundled in his heart , and was growing constantly.

He moved towards the village, and once he reached the village started moving the mountains on horseback. He was galloping with a medium speed, searching for his adversary. He reached at the top of the hill, where there was a church and near the church there was a Sycamore tree, where they sat a figure. As Armand moved towards the figure , he found it got more prominent and was that of the “ Unknown Fighter”. The fighter stared at Armand, and nothing had changed about him. He was the same, strong and muscular and the same as he was before, with the cap hanging over his head

“ Are you ready to fight”? he asked. To which Armand replied “ I’ve been waiting. Our fight never ended.” Both got ready and warmed up, and started to fight . Armand felt the same force that punched his face, and kicked his stomach. He began to fight. Sharp blows reigned, hard kicks slamming in the air. The fighters had got better with time, and Armand was not leaving any stones in the pocket. He was releasing his rage and completely enjoying it. He felt he had got the right competition and the blood warmed in his body allowing him free movement of his mind. The fight went on till the early evening. The place was lonely and the breeze blew in the meadows.

   Armand had a strong hand in the fight. He felt his power over the unknown fighter and he knew he was going to conquer him. He nailed his neck to the ground with a hard grip,  and was going to give him a strong punch, when the fighter asked him “ Are you ready”. To which Armand replied. Ready?!!! For what. At the moment, the fighter kicked him with both his legs. Armand was hurled in the air and fell back on the ground. He immediately got up and rushed to fight back, but was met with a swinging hard fist and a second harder fist, which knocked him out. A sudden darkness came over him for a minute and the next thing he saw was that he was on the ground, lying weak and motionless.

The fighter stood on top of him , staring at him with his cold sunken eyes. “ Are you going to kill me” he asked the unknown. “yes, in a way” was the answer.

“Let me know who you are” Armand blurted. The Unknown finally revealed “ I am Time, and time catches up with everyone”. Everyting that rises here will fall.

You came to me because your time had come. But before I take you, you can get your peace and stop the rage that beats in your heart”.

He guided Armand to the church where Armand saw a priest. As he approached the priest, he told the priest about the rage that he had , which had formed into a kind of pride that rode with him on his journey to success. He could not suppress this pride, and it affected his relation with everyone. He was given a lot in life, but he could never stop himself from claiming again and again. The priest told him to stop worrying and absolved him of his sins. At that moment he left illuminated and lighter, and saw the rage leaving him.

The next day , as the local shepherds came up the hill they saw Armand lying still , with a smile on his face and the scapular in his hand next to the old dilapidated church that was isolated many years ago.


Sunday, April 14, 2019



           My love!!!! It’s the land of my dreams. Portugal, when I think about you there is only one thing in my mind – Desire. Desire to reach the land that I love, and the land that inspired me at such a  young age. I am from India, and my native place is Goa. Before 1961, Goa was a colony of Portugal, and going to Goa meant actually going to Portugal.

   When I was a kid, and I would go to Goa, I would see these beautiful churches and homes that were made by the Portuguese. I grew up enamored with these structures as I later on went to see the Bom Jesus and the Se Cathedral. These things brought joy to my heart, and still do today. And all these came to us from Portugal. And I love this land for doing this for us, for making Goa beautiful and giving it a higher status. And I want to go and see this beautiful Country!!

  Ahh!!!Portugal, I still am waiting to embark on the journey. Dreaming that I will be on the international plane and heading to Portugal, and seeing that land of my dreams!!! From the heart of Lisbon to the basilica of Fatima, I want to journey through it all. I want to ride on the trams of Lisbon and go through the Tagus and Duoro river.

   I want to listen to the beautiful Fado music, and eat that beautiful fish of Portugal – the Bacalhau( also called Salted Cod). To go from the beautiful Sintra to Porto, and most importantly – visit the beautiful church of St. Elizabeth of the Roses. The story of St. Elizabeth goes that she had taken bread for the poor. She was caught by her husband, and when she opened the apron the bread was turned into roses.

    I also would like to see the “ Tower of St. Vincent” which is also called Belem Tower. The Belem Tower details the history of Portugal as the “Pioneer nation of Navigators” who went in search of new worlds through the sea and brought in the “ Age of Discovery “ after which many countries would follow. Vasco da Gama from Portugal was the first European to discover India, which was the country Christopher Columbus had sailed to find. But his destiny led him to America, another great land.

There’s much more to see in Portugal – from the Albufiera to the Bragancas, and I would travel every inch and explore this wonderful land which did so much for my land. Viva Portugal!!!!

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Thursday, March 14, 2019



            Joe sat on the middle of the Street looking at his new future, which was really not a good sight.What was he to do, as he had to face it. A couple of years back, he had a home of his own, a beautiful house in the middle of the city. Unfortunately, the rents had skyrocketed and the eye of the builder took a toll on his home life. Documentation won in the end, as he lacked the right papers and then came the foreclosure – his house being locked in front of his eyes and the authorities started taking over the possessions – and he was left standing in one corner with the few belongings that he had. The people around him just went about as it was only business to them, and never even bothered to look at him. He stood there , a man who had lost the house that his ancestors had worked so hard to build. For Joe and his family, this was a beautiful house but for the modern world it was just a structure for protection.

       He walked away from the house as early as possible. Did he not love his house, and was he not attached to it. But as Joe saw it, there was a big crane in the distance that he could see, and he did not want to see his house coming down. So he ran as fast as he could, and as far away as possible and sat in an alley which was dark where he cried his heart out.

   Joe is just one of the cases of homelessness that happen every day in the world. Whereunstable economies are tearing the world apart.  I can’t tell you the experience of losing a home, but I can definitely tell you that their world falls apart. The moment you find you are losing the security of your house and are being cast out in the streets where you have to live with the street lamps. I would be devastated personally, and I feel for the people who are in these situations too.

Coming on the streets brought Joe to a different world –  where unhygienic conditions, crime, bad weather conditions and despair worked hand in hand. Joe , a person who was brought up in a culture of respect and proper upbringing will now be introduced to the people of the streets – hoarsely shouting ladies, knife yielding men and  environments with filth and infections all around.

Places on the street are filthy. Dirty water puddles and foul smelling odors, and the gloominess of your mental health all the time. Homelessness has many faces in the world – from the people sleeping on the roads in America, to the families sleeping in their cars  and the beggars standing on the roads begging for food in Europe to the people of India who sit around waiting for a helping hand with that same depressed look in their eyes. You toss the coins to them, and they still have that depressed look . the money doesn’t change that look in their face – not a bit. You go about , and it’s that same feeling on the face as you walk across the street . As the eyes are the windows to the soul, so you see what is in those eyes , as you travel down deeper and go to a broken spirit – a spirit that is torn apart, and is in serious need of repair, which needs Gods touch.

 We may not be able to help them with money and other goods, however we can help them with a kind word and a little love – that could probably heal them from the inside. There are many things that the homeless face, and  its not the conditions that people who live in homes have to go through. No, they have it much better. They don’t have to sleep in the cold or in extreme heat, neither do they get disturbed while sleeping by cops or thieves. Having to stand in the heat of the sun and walk around for some shade while people sip lemonade in their homes and  being infected with disease and not having the money to pay for their wellbeing and treatment is just a few of the things that we know. And all this could wear a person down.

A  few good words could go a long way to help these people…….


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Fatal bite

                    Hurrying  to his office, Ferris crossed the road  and went towards the office. The sun added to his fatigue as he walked down the grey concrete road.As he walked towards the road, he saw a list of shops down the way and glanced at them. They were displaying their wares with the owners waiting for business to happen. The bustling activity was coming to a close as the sun was beginning to set down and the skies turned to a pale blue. He brought a few things that were necessary as work would still take some time. Then as the sun turned into a crimson red, he started walking towards the office.

               As he walked top the office, he passed by a lake. A lake that had vegetation all arount it and as he walked towards the lake, he brushed against a big bush that was in the way. The bush was thorny and it pricked him on the finger. He pulled his hand back and looked at the finger.He had a thorn on his thumb, .. which he pulled out watched the blood trickle down his thumb . He wiped the blood off and continued walking to his office. He wore a casual look on his face as he walked towards the grey building.

           The computer faced him as he sat in his workbay, as he was typing data for the project that he had to submit. The office atmosphere was hectic, and people were rushing about to get their jobs done. The coffee mugs lay cold and stained as time progressed. The clock struck twelve and the boss arrived to check on his work. After checking the work, the boss told Ferris that the work still had to be fine-tuned and to get it done by the end of the day.

         The break was given and the employees started walking towards the canteen. Ferris got up to get his lunchbox . It was in the opposite bay where he kept it. As he started moving towards the bay, he felt a sharp pain in his arm.He clutched his arm with a slight shout, but retained his composure.The pain started shooting up his arm, and he could feel like someone had grabbed his arm. So he ran to the washroom and while he had run there midway, the pain stopped. He felt like a big stone was lifted off his arm.

     Releived, he wondered what had happened . What was this thing that had come up so suddenly, and had caused such a problem? He had never experienced such a thing in his life. What had happened ? He went off to the lunch room now that he was alright. He sat in the quiet corner of the canteen and began to have his lunch. During lunch , he looked into the mirror and saw his face, which had paled down, probably from the pain.

     Finishing his lunch, he washed up and started to move towards the door, when he suddenly had a thought. Could it be waht he thought it was ? of all the things in the world, considering it was the city, this was one of the wierdest things to think about. A snake bite, was it!!! He had much doubt in his mind, but didn't want to leave anything to chance. So he decided to find out. Some how, though he knew it was right to seek medical help, he felt embarassed. He didn't want to feel like a joke if this thing turned out to be something mild.

     But how was he to find out if he was bitten? thinking about it, he remembered a programme he had seen a few days back . I talked about a method to find if a person had a snakebite, the traditional way. It involved taking a chilli and putting in on the tongue to find out if they if were bitten by a snake. So Ferris walked to the canteen supervisor and asked for a chilli who obliged. Going to the washroom , he put the chilli on his tongue.

    If the tongue had become numb and he did not fell the pungent taste of the chillies, that meant he was bitten as the poison had spread in his body, and that is what exactly happened when Ferris put the chilli on his tongue. Ferris didn't know what to do. His fears had come true, and he had no idea what to do. He had started sweating, and his face had become yellow. He tried to walk but he felt numb on the leg, and could not take a step ahead. He didn't know what to do.
With the only working leg, he hopped to the toilet basin and sat down on the basin. Oddest place to be sitting down in such a circumstance. ( but really not that odd!)

 He suddenly started feeling the effect of the poison now, as he felt it closing on his body. He shouted for help, but no one could hear him through the thick door and also he had started getting paralyzed.Ferris saw that he had been bitten on the leg and the area had become black. He tried to scream, but in vain. The poison had suddenly started moving fast and he thought that his time had come. From one corner of his eye, he watched the lights black out.....

     Bump, a sharp hit on the head brought Ferris back to his senses. His boss was standing with doctor besides him, and they splashed some water on his face. Ferrris could understand everyhing now . He looked in the mirror, as foam had flowed out from his mouth. With a tired gesture, he wondered how he was still alive. The doctor examined him and found the snake - bite marks on the body, but was surprised that he was still alive. He said he would take his blood to the laboratory and check how this had happened. His boss was left wondering as he never had any problems from this employee.

    Ferris got up on his feet and refreshed himself. His boss offered to leave him home, but Ferris declined saying he had to find out why this had happened to him. He left the office and started walking to the same place where he was bitten, As he reached that place, he saw two boys crouching down below the bush. He was curious to find out what it was and  looked
in the bush. A huge snake was lying there, and it was dead. The boys started pulling the snake out and one of the boys said " This is a very poisonous snake"

    A Poisonous Snake!! and yet Ferris had not died. At that moment, a thought flashed before him- he worked for a big company, he swindled documents, he bribed authorities, he changed laws, he slept with women for information and deals.He had been doing for the last six years, and this corruption had entered his blood. And it was so poisonous, even a snake's venom did not affect it. Like they say, "The snake bit the man , and the snake died" and this happened right before his eyes.

Ferris raised his hand, and looked to the skies , his eyes gleaming with delight and said "Yes, a corrupt man living in this world am I."

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Queen - The Legends of Music

                                        Feels like I've got no rhythm!! I’ve got to find my beat and then "Caviar and cigarettes, well versed in etiquette "are the lyrics mouthed by the legendary Freddie Mercury!!! From the legendary group Queen, which is an explosion of talent that goes on till today .

     There’s a lot of history to Queen, starting with their most important thing - the music, then going on the other things, the glory, the fans, the awards and the prestige they have got throughout the years which continues throughout the years, and their endless enthusiasm is the icing on the cake!!!

      Queen is a group talked about by many writers and fans. I too share their passion and would like to talk about them(Queen). I just love them, they’re superb. From Queen, the one who stood out as a shining star was Freddie Mercury. Freddie “Ready” Freddie  who was the vocals and piano player of the group, is the name that is a brand apart from Queen and is the name that endures an alternate legacy from Queen.

      The first time I heard Queen was in 1994 in a hits album of the year with the single “Living on my own.”At the time, I used to dance to the song because there was a techno vibe to it, and at the time, techno was doing well besides rock ”n” roll. I used to really dance to the song, never understanding the meaning of it.I got introduced to Queen actually after the death of Freddie Mercury. We are the Champions was the song that actually got me introduced to Queen.

     The Music … of  Queen.. is a treasure. It is not just music, it is the varied expressions of talented minds coming together. Every song of Queen, in my opinion is unique. The effort can be seen in the work. The lyric in the song somebody to love “I work hard till I ache my bones” is proof to that.the music of queen is split into three stages of my mind - the first stage being one that connects you to the doors - it’s the piano that was played in the doors, the eerie tune that came from it that brough shivers, but Freddie’s style departs from it. It takes you more to a sentimental and exciting way of playing the piano. Then there’s the third stage - a stage of cacophony where the music takes influences from all kinds of rock , and puts you into a state of Euphoria, with the bells clanging and the guitar banging, with the town going wild and nothing for mild you see is mild. This part of the music takes me to Guns “n” Roses where I find the similarity to Guns ”n” Roses. The first stage takes me to the past and the third stage takes me to the near future and between these stages of sentimentality and madness - lies queen in their own, which is the heart of their music, the second stage, a journey of experimentation, of getting something new to their act,keeping it fresh

    She keeps her moet et chandon in the pretty cabinet. Let them eat cake she says just like Marie Antoinette” the lyrics are so good , they come to mind while I write. These lyrics are from “Killer Queen”. Listen to it sometime.

   Queen derives it influence from various genres like glamrock,pop rock, psychedelic rock to name a few and not only that , they went beyond rock to affect their work in a better way like delving into gospel, vaudeville  and opera. As you listen to Queen, you will see elements like the three band members singing as backdrop singers, or you will hear music like as if you were in the church, and sometimes Moorish music. Very often, you feel like you have come to a marketplace while you listen to this music, but you like the sounds that come through, because it is so beautifully synched that it could never sound sore. “Bohemian Rhapsody” combines such elements and although some person once told that it was a blunder of Freddie, I still vouch for it.

        All we need is Radio gaga, radio gaga, radio gaga cause we are the Champions, my friend and here we are, born to be Kings with the Princes of the Universe. The Music of Queen -it,s that thing I have for it. Crazy little thing called Love.