Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Blessing


       The hermit walked through the village, begging for alms. He lived on the mountain top in a cave. The  mountain was always beautiful anytime of the year and provided for the hermit. But there were other needs and for  that the hermit had to come to the village. He preached to the villagers and treated their ailments as he came from a physicians family.


     He came walking to the village from the mountain-top which was a long journey that he made from time to time. He went door to door begging for alms to gtet a little extra help.

The folks of the village were kind and prepared some food and supplies for him. He

was always happy that they did their bit to help him. Life was simple and not very complicated in the village.  There was not much of a problem as the entire village shared all their resources.


    One fine day, as the sun rose among the mountains and the hermit began his walk towards the village, he heard a lot of noise and celebration. One of the boys from the village had come back. He had been  to the fyypooooocity and now wanted to settle back in the village.


      The boy whom they were celebrating was the Headmans son. They were celebrating his return. He had returned from the city and the village was celebrating his return. The boy had got a degree and was now going to take  take over the reins of the village as his father was the headman. The hermit came to the village and was happy to see the future and life flourishing in the village.


     He wanted to come and give a blessing for future prosperity in the village. He moved to the crowd and approached the young man to give him the blessing. As he came towards the young man, the young man saw the hermit and said " Why do you come here, old man? The times are a changing, and science will now cover this land. The old has to make way for the new". Many of the villagers found it offensive . They told the young man that mocking the hermit was like mocking their traditions. But the young man was arrogant and stood his ground.


  The hermit saw the arrogance of the boy and knew that the talks of the city and fat headed intellectuals had corrupted the boy's thoughts. The hermit raised his hand with the cross and said " I have come to give you a blessing and so I shall. May you fall in love."


The boy thought nothing about the blessing.

He went about on his normal life as usual. What about love? Love was something he kept falling in and out of. He cleared off the dilemma, and went about his way. He had good intentions but had fallen under the influence of idealists who gave talks but never backed it with action.


So the days passed with the summer, and the rains began to fall. The boy started to work in

the village with his people. While he was working in the fields of his village, he had to go to a forest. As the roads were hilly, he had to go on a horse as travel would be easier.


   He galloped with the horse towards the top of the mountain. As he reached there, his eyes fell on a lovely lady who was standing near the trees. As his horse stopped the sun rays fell on her face and made her glow. The boy fell a pain like an arrow that was struck in his chest. Cupid had done his job and sat on the tree watching.


 The boy felt the sweet feeling rise all over his chest and spread through every part of his body. But as he turned around to look for her, she was gone.


He went home and rested, but as he slept her thoughts kept coming in his head and he couldn't stop thinking about her. By the time he woke up, love had clawed into his soul.


He went to the mountain again, and he saw her again.He went up and started a conversation with her. From that day onwards,  he kept meeting her and they kept going around roaming in the mountains. Life was good and he always wanted to be with her. In hindsight the boy thanked the hermit for making him fall in love.


   He was very happy with life. Things were going well and he was doing well in the village. He only thought of her day and night and wanted her only for himself. He thought the world of her and  gave all his attention to her. The girl was also very happy with his gestures. He always wooed her and gave her nice gifts. She also liked him, but as she spent time with him, she felt like he seemed to be very dominant . He would not like any people looking at her, and did not  want to speak to her friends.


      He had become in a manner very possessive, and this was the thing that had started to him very unappealing to her. But what was he to do? He loved her fully in heart and soul , wanted to marry her and start a family. She roamed with him,but had lost her feelings.


  She told him about his possessive nature, but he would not change his nature. He felt he  needed to protect her from everyone so that they could just be toghether for one another.

He wanted the best for her.


  One day as he was going to the mountain top  to meet her there was no one. He enquired from the locals and got the shock of his life. His girlfriend had run away and no one knew where she was gone. He searched high and low but was not able to find her.


   She had left him, he knew it was because of him but what was he to do ? He just loved her.

He wanted to give her the best. Why did she leave him, to go into the arms of an evil world. She could have been with him, and they could have been so happy.


   Now his heart was broken, and he felt the sadness of loss. He felt empty and hollow, and  the clouds over his home were grey with the dark night setting in. The pain that he felt in his heart, how was he to relieve the pain. It kept hurting him through and he could not anything to relieve it.


     The only relief he got was with her around and she was the only medicine for his sickness. He did his best to distract himself from her and  her thoughts. But he could not do so. In desperation, he took to the bottle to lose senses so he would be in a semiconscious state and would not think about her. He started consuming as a daily routine.


 Within six months he had tried all kinds of intoxications to get  releif, but was unsucessful. He decided one day to go to the lake and end his life.


As he went to the lake and was about to jump in the water, he saw the hermit sitting at the bank. He was fishing for his days catch. The boy approached the hermit in rage. " You gave me a blessing of  love. Why did you do this to me!!!


     " Hold your horses, son"  the Hermit said.

The hermit told him to sit down and stay calm. He offered him a drink to releive him.

The boy reluctantly took the drink,..... but seemed good at the time.


"You were arrogant and indifferent" the hermit said. I saw it in your soul. You had good intentions but no regard for people and traditions. Completely indifferent! But I had to come to give you a Blessing, which i had to.


So I gave you the Blessing of Love. Love that has so men through time. Kings, Monarchs and men of high nobility to paupers and beggars. All of them humiliated under the hands of love. Love destroyed them all. It was your


The boy lunged towards the hermit wrestling him down. The hermit laughed in a mocking tone " What are you doing? You're going to kill me. You're already dead.


After the anger dispersed, the monk got up on the ground and dusted himself.


 What is actually a curse for you is  a blessing for your people who supported me. The pain that you feel and her memories. They can only go when you keep your attention away from her and in helping people. Better do so or you'll be suffering the pain.


Saying that, the monk got up and walked away shouting " Love conquers all".

Friday, April 3, 2020

Tongues out

As I was growing  up in the beautiful city of Bombay, there were a lot of things that I learnt and imbibed from this great city. One of the things that I discovered  in the city as I munched on its culture was the beautiful music of  Rock, which was a big thing at the time in Bombay – the bay of good hope. The artists I got introduced to and listened to are various artists, and to tell you about that is a never-ending yearning of stories. So that would be kept for another time, or probably …. Another series of articles.

  Every Rockstar brought a certain personality, or a style or more effectively—a mannerism which was copied by their followers all around the world. There were some mannerisms that were very common and were exhibited which were commonly practiced by all the Rockers at that time . I was the action of stretching your tongue out of your mouth combined with another move – the metal horns.

Still done in this time and age, it does not enjoy the recognition that it got at that particular time.The tongue out was a mode of communication between the Rockstar and his audience and also something that would be considered an amusement among college friends. At the time I did not think a lot about it.
However , as the years went by, I thought about the sign and where could this thing come from , this absurd act of sticking your tongue out of your mouth could fuel a myriad of thoughts.

   I wondered where this action could have come from, and the first thing I thought about was Kaali , the Indian Goddess who always sticks her tongue out. There was a demon whose blood, if it fell on the ground would create clones of the demon and increase his number and create a disturbance to the heavens. So Kaali used her tongue and drank up all the blood from the battlefield, then slayed all his clones and finally killed the main demon. But the tongue stills shows up on most of her images and idols.

So that’s one way of looking at it. The other way that the tongue can be seen is through the animal world where most of the animals have the habit of hanging their tongues out , just letting it go out in the open and gasping air at the same times. Dogs, wolves , bears and cats do the same – and even chickens keep their mouth open ehn they are tired exposing their tongue

The act of  extending can be taken to be funny and also could be a mockery  and well as it could be also be considered to be a “ Sexual Provocation”. This act has been used in various media to portray hunger and also Lust.

   One of the guys who was exceptional in the act was Gene Simmons who was from Kiss who had a very long tongue and the tongue stood out in all the performances. He sprayed it with blood and showed it to the audiences. Every rockstar put their tongue out, but since his appendage was so huge it caught the attention of  all the media  and was displayed on many magazine covers. There are shows where he would spray his tongue with blood and entertain the audience with the drama of rock Theatre.

The tongue out is also seen in an idiot and the pose is that of  his tongue coming out of his mouth and his hand hitting his head, which used to be seen in rockstars  who would do it for fun without the hand over the head.

In comparison to idiots, did you know that Einstein also used to stick his tongue out and said it was a representation of his political views. As we go  through cultures, in Tibet the act of sticking out your tongue is considered a greeting and also respecting the other person, whereas it is considered as a war-cry for the Maori people in New Zealand.

My search for the origin of the tongue sticking out has not been found. My search will continue to go on to discover the origin of the Rockstars hanging tongue. However  I think the hanging tongue may still be a part of the future, with Princess Charlotte flashing her tongue at the media. And that is a fairly distant future.


Thursday, February 27, 2020



     Sitting down in the park, I watched as the kids munched on the candy.  It was a fun fair and there were all kinds of activities going on. Suddenly while these activities were going on there was a big bang.Two boys on the ground had begun to fight, for some trivial reason. The crowd gathered around and stopped the fight. The two fighters were separated and then were thrown out of the event.

Violence - truly a part of our nature and will always be. We are . It pops up now and then, and we cannot ignore it. Its that feeling in our blood that wants to get physical.

   Aggression has been present throughout time as we go down the ages of past centuries, and will be present till the end of time.

The hippie revolution was born in the seventies and talked about peace and free love. During that time, violence had taken a downturn and was considered a negative force. People had brought into the love game and the emphasis on violence was very less.

Which brings me to the point of whether we require violence in society. The hippies were right, I guess with the love gimmick. Talking about believing in changing the world with peace and no religion. They have suceeded to an extent, but there is still no peace in the world. Wars are ravaging as ever, and  religions are flourishing .

 But is violence required in a civilized society? Todays society frowns on violence and has given it a place in society, as an entertainment and combat sport. The men with an extra dose of testosterone find themselves in these places and also tryout for the army. Within society, there are laws and the police department  that take care of civilians.

So everything is tailormade in many countries for modern society. So protective and good. The benefits of living in a country with good minds. However when we look around the globe, we see a lot of economies. Some are good and some are not, and it has been recorded throughout history that the underpriveleged economies are the ones that create havoc to the priveleged economies.
      The men who live in comfort tend to become soft like lambs. Cant be a lamb when are lions scratching at the door.
What if these lions destroy all your laws and defences? And then get into your house
 and break it down piece by piece. What would you do then? what would you resort to  ............ yes, the answer is violence.

So yes, though breaking of laws and defences is a very tough venture, if it happens, violence would be the option.
St. Augustine in his text tells solidiers to be content with their pay. Which means violence cannot be eliminated. It is going to be a part of society no matter what and while artists paint and singers sing, the man at the  border firing the gun will be doing his thing

Thursday, January 2, 2020




                       As the years pass by in our lives, things are forgotten. The tree grows and brings in new shoots and flowers, and the trees grow and gets larger. The old shoots dry up in the process, just like our memories. They grow old and fade away, as the brain makes way for new memories, and the old memories fade down in time. Sometimes though, an old memory just comes a visiting, and just illuminates your life like a bulb. While I lay on my couch surfing the internet, I saw the video of U2, one of the hip bands of my day coming on the screen. I was totally taken by surprise, U2 – the U2 was coming to a venue close to me.

                This great international class Grammy award winning act was coming to India, and performing in our country. The people from the sky were coming on our lands. For in the early years, it was U2 that we saw in music channels with those beautiful music videos. It was just great, man. The concert tickets were available online, and I immediately booked them and reserved my place. Yes, I had a ticket for U2, one of the best rock acts in the world!!!

Yet, even though I knew U2 and I had seen them through the years on television, there was a spell in which I had not seen them at all, and that involved years. I went through my shelves, to check for information on U2, and started recalling the numbers. As I started recalling, my first introduction to U2 was “Where the Streets have no name” where they play from the first floor of a building and gather an audience. My memory pulled tracks like “With or without you”, “Desire”, “and Stuck in a moment”and“The Sweetest Thing”. They had many numbers and many hits, most of them being on the top of the list.
But they had disappeared in time, and it was like making a new start again with them, just like the faded memory which was now igniting again. I had not caught up on any of their new albums, in fact as the music industry had faded out and live shows never were a regular feature, so the link had broken between the musicians and the audience. I wonder how business takes place in the music industry these days??!

    But still full of Zest, I went for the concert and live on the days that went by and were the good old days of my life, and there are many more good days to come, but there are some days in your life and don’t want those days to go by. I saw Bono and the entire cast of U2 and saw their spectacular performance, with getting an additional bonus of Noel Gallagher from Oases. Great show and a great performance by the band!!!  Bono did a great job. Will always cherish the performance. Need to start connecting with the lost memory that has come back.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Heath is Wealth

                                                    Health is Wealth

    Health is a thing that shows up every time on the media, with experts advising us to be healthy and fit.
Gyms and spas have popped all over the place through the years. Proteins, supplements and many other products have made themselves in the market. There are special diets like Keto that people are taking to as they want a fit and sound body. Fitness today plays a strong role in society as it makes people’s lives better and more active for all-round activities.

       These things were always around for the benefits of health being communicated through advertising and hoardings. I would always look at them and say “It’s not for me”. Being a lover of meat and a very enthusiastic food explorer, I didn’t bother about fitness as much. Living for the day I enjoyed on the delights of chicken, beef and mutton. Red meat is something that I still cherish to this day. Even the appetizers and snacks that come in today’s fast food industry are amazing and an absolute delight.

  However there is a catch to all the goodness. These foods have a lot of spice and oil, and during the long run, cause problems like acidity and heartburn that come up due to gas. And gas can be a killer at times. Believe me!!!

          The effects of eating fast and spicy food don’t come immediately. They pop up as the years go by and slowly in minute doses and are followed by bigger attacks till they get serious. Stones and ulcers are the results of eating high cholesterol foods ad foods cooked at high temperatures. Through their experiences people come to know about the harmful effects of this food, and sometimes it may be too late.

There is nothing wrong in eating fast food, as we are travellers on this earth. Our journey deserves some delightful experiences. However, it is advisable to give a major part of your diet to the right foods like rice, dal, pulses and vegetables which will help in strengthening your body from within. White meat like chicken and fruits are also good at this time as they provide proteins and vitamins.

As I learnt in my earlier years about heath, I remember the proverb “Health is Wealth” and I have realized how true this in the later years. Imagine a person wanting to fulfill his ambition and dreams, and having all the potential and talent in the world, but not having the health to fulfill these dreams. With no health, there would be no physical ability to move, and his mental resources will take a beating due to his lack of nutrition and this in turn affects concentration and focus. Being a hundred percent is vital as it helps us climb the mountains of our destiny.

The simple foods that nourish us so much are the ones that are disregarded these days. But we have to learn to accept and respect these foods as they are the ones that are good and nutritious. I if you look back in time and see the people before India got independence, they were fit and strong as their diet was a solid combination of rice, dal and vegetables. The poor man in India was actually rich as he was blessed with the best food - the good food of the land.

Health will leave us as we age, but till we can we have got to preserve our bodies to get the best out of our lives and the body, being a temple we have to maintain it like one.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Real Patriots


                                                                         The Real Patriots

It was their day of Independence – so the Prime words – Celebration and Jubilation They ran around with their flags, crackers were bursting everywhere. The atmosphere was full of joy and euphoria.The streets were full of shops, selling of wares , flags and all kind of accessories. Snacks and sweet were cold at every corner to feed hungry smacking lips.

  The flag was hoisted, and the people stood up for the national anthem, in every street and corner, in every school and stadium. People pledged their belief for the country. Standing up for the national anthem in every street and corner, in every school and stadium. People pledged their belief for the country. Standing up for the national anthem, they pledged their love and service for the country. The whole day films were played portraying the local national heroes and freedom fighters. They saw the suffering and the troubles that were taken by the leaders and people to free the country. There was a feeling of pride and also sadness as the people felt for their leaders.

     The afternoon slipped in, and there were programmes going on, with the propaganda of nationalism. Loudspeakers throughout blared noises of national songs and then there were film songs. The festivities continued till the evening, making it a very memorable day for the people.

    These people, while celebrating and shouting slogans, actually littered the place. There were pape cups and plates, littered everywhere. What’s suprising, the same flags the people were waving, was now seen fallen on a ground.

  There were places that had become completely dirty with wasted food, and by the next day, after the celebrations the whole city looked like a wastehouse. It is expected that the sweepers will do the job. However the patriotic people who stood up to respect the country. They sang about the country and made merry, but then littered the floors of their country. So wher did the respect go? Its got to be shown not only in thoughts but in acts, which is ot the case here.So is patriotism basically events of history that we just remember and then carry on with normal life. This patriotism has got to be put into effect. The country is to be maintained and we are responsible for it.
   So, are there any real patriots left today? Yes, there are the small organizations and indiviuals who lend a hand in cleaning the cities. Cleaning the dump that the majority of the public have left behind.

The Blessing

                      The hermit walked through the village, begging for alms. He lived on the mountain top in a cave. The  mountain was a...